enfant terrible

October 12th, 2011


I’d like to give birth to myself.
Vomit out a tiny little replica of me.
A small, helpless thing that adores me.
A thing I will raise to be myself.
As it grows, I will teach it all the things it should think.
Which god to pray to.
Which politician to vote for.
What it should do with its life,
How it should earn a living.
Whom it should love.
The things that matter.
It will be all the things I always wanted to be.
It will do all the things I always wanted to do.
It will make me proud to be me.
Because it will be me.
When it misses the mark, I will swallow it whole.
Like a pool of water absorbs a single drop.
I will heave out fresh stock
And start again.

4 Responses to “enfant terrible”

  1. Faith Kramer Says:

    I love it. I kinda viewed having kids like that — a way to transmit values, knowledge, etc. and to avoid the mistakes I made. Unfortunately they decided they needed to make their own mistakes and have their own selves. Too bad we couldn’t just start over with some new mini-me’s

  2. John Addison Says:

    Having just been listening to Thomas Truax’s version of the Lady in the Radiator song from Eraserhead added to the incredible resonance of this. You can’t really call that doggerel! It’s REALLY GOOD. “Vomit out”… :) :) :)

  3. shelly Says:

    :). Thank you, John and Faith.

  4. Mobile Disco Says:

    A bit dark – I love the observation ‘I will swallow it whole. Like a pool of water absorbs a single drop’ – some parents are like that.

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